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How to register for Backrightup to ensure a successful onboarding

How to register for Backrightup

Welcome to Backrightup. Using the below guide you can get registered and have your first backups running in under 1 minute. To complete the optimum registration for Backrightup, its preferable to have

Google Chrome incognito window (or another browser with incognito facility)
Dedicated Service account (eg - note this is not MANDATORY, but preferable. it can always be changed later
Logged into your Azure Devops account with the service account above
Azure Devops account you would like to backup
Your account is part of the Project Collection Administrators group
Your account is NOT a Stakeholder account

Please all note: Its imperative that you use an incognito window where you are signed into the correct Azure Devops account before starting authentication. For best results, please make sure that the user is a service account and is part of the Project Collection Administrators group (under Organization settings -> Permissions). If you fail to get past the onboarding screen, cant see your repos or receive an error in onboarding, its likely due to the account not having enough rights:

Project collection administrator group

Within the organization settings of your Azure Devops account, under Users, make sure that this user has been assigned the correct user license in order to run the backups. We recommend Basic + Test Plans in order to backup all data including Test Plans.

Within the organization settings of your Azure Devops account, under Policies, make sure you have enabled 3rd party access to apps via oAuth. You should also have conditional access disabled as this will restrict the Backrightup app from connecting.

1. Open your browser incognito window. Navigate to the Backrightup register page in the first tab

2. Open a new tab in your incognito window. Log into your Azure Devops Organisation using the account you wish to run your backups with (this is preferably a dedicated service account but can be changed later)

3. In the first tab, click the "Microsoft" or "Google" signup button or fill in your details accordingly. Click on "Get Started". If all details are correct you should see your account being provisioned and you will be met with the following onboarding page

4. If you are logged into your Azure devops account in your second tab, go ahead and grab the organisation name from the browser url and type it into the "Organisation" text box

5. We recommend you choose "Full access" as this gives you the ability to run restores. You can always change this to "read-only" later. Remember we NEVER delete or overwrite anything in your Azure Devops account

6. Click "Connect" to continue. Use the other guides in this knowledgebase to update settings.

7. On the following page you will be asked to give permissions to your Azure Devops. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Accept". This can take a little while to process. Please be patient.

8. You should be connected and backups will begin automatically.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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