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How to restore your Azure Release Pipelines

How to restore your Azure Build Pipelines

Our backups run by default on an automated basis. That means every day we take a backup of all your build (and release) pipelines and keep them in an encrypted state. You may also backup to your own storage. When you make a change to one of your pipelines, Azure Devops automatically creates a new revision of the pipelines (both build and release). We will also create a new backup of the new pipeline and keep your old pipeline too.

In case you need to, these pipeline backups are easily restorable.

1. Log into Backrightup and click on "Pipelines" in the top menu bar

2. Scroll down to "Releases" and choose the release pipeline you wish to restore and click on the "Restore" link

3. On the "Restore page", you can choose to restore the release to a new project, or the same project with a new name.

Updated on: 24/07/2022

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