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Backing up TFVC Projects/Repos - Creating a new PAT Token

Backrightup supports the backup and restore of TFVC projects/repositories.

Until recently this was available through the standard Azure Devops API. Microsoft have now restricted the download of large TFVC projects for backup purposes.

In order to backup your TFVC projects, a PAT token is required due to the expiring nature of oAuth tokens.

To create a new PAT Token:

1) Log into your Azure Devops account with the same account that you used to authenticate to Backrightup (this is important). This can be found on the Integration settings page. Make sure you choose the right organisation if you are backing up more than one (1) org with Backrightup
2) Click on the "Security" context menu:

3) Make sure you've selected "Personal access tokens" on the left hand menu. Also make sure you set the expiry to the maximum possible time and that you choose "Full Access"*:

4) Copy the PAT token given to you. it is given to you once.

5) Navigate to the the Integration settings page in Backrightup.

6) For your chosen org, update the Access Token accordingly but clicking the "Edit" button:

*We ask you to choose "Full Access" as we require this level to run a service in the background of Backrightup that will tell you when it is about to expire such that you do not lose the ability to backup

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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