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How to setup your AWS storage

How to setup your own AWS Storage for your backups

Our backups run by default on an automated basis. That means every day we take a backup of all your repositories (and metadata) and keep them in an encrypted state. You may also backup to your own storage which is easy to configure.

if you're using AWS storage you will need the following permissions:

s3:PutObject - required, for creating an archive upload to Amazon S3 bucket
s3:GetObject - required, for restoring and downloading from Amazon S3 bucket
s3:ListBucket - required, for restoring and downloading from Amazon S3 bucket
s3:DeleteObject - required, for retention policy, automatic removal of outdated backups from Amazon S3 bucket
s3:GetBucketLocation - required, required to automatically determine the Service Endpoint URL

1. Log into Backrightup and click on your avatar in the top menu bar and click "Settings"

2. Click on "Storage Settings"

3. Add your own storage by clicking on the "Add New AWS Storage". Please double check your AWS Storage access key and secret. Note that these strings are kept in 256bit AES encrypted form with rotating keys and not available out-of-service

4. You can optionally choose to "force all repos to use this storage location". Please check this option to enable this storage location as default for your account

Please note, if you use a bucket you need to add the correct permissions. Permissions should be at least:

             "Version": "2012-10-17",
             "Statement": [

                                        "Sid": "VisualEditor0",
                                        "Effect": "Allow",
                                        "Action": [






                                        "Resource": [

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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